The premium
Kobe Beef.

That is the only place you can appreciate this“Kobe Beef sirloin steak”.


Choose from filet, sirloin, and chateaubriand cuts of luxurious Kobe beef. Bringing rich flavor to all.

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Taste the season,feel the season

Taste the season,
feel the season

Kagurazaka, a place of bustling main roads and tranquil backstreets. On one of these backstreets you will find teppanyaki Nakamura. We select our ingredients depending on the season, so you can get a taste of the four seasons from each of our full course menus. We serve plates that not only reflect the time of year through the ingredients used, but also through flavors and presentation. Watch us prepare your food to perfection on the grill and enjoy the mouth-watering scent, the sizzling sound of the meat, and the authentic deliciousness of each ingredient as it all comes together to form the rich overall flavor of the meal. Indulge all five senses as you enjoy our cuisine until your heart content.