Our food

We use seasonal ingredients to prepare dishes that reflect the time of year
and present these courses to you plate by plate.
The meat used in our mains is your choice of cut from great quality A5-class Japanese black wagyu beef,
including our specially-selected Kobe beef, from all over Japan.
Unwind and take your time to savor each and every one of our dishes.

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Course example

・Japanese steam Egg with scallops & Zuwai-crab Soup
・Roasted Mackerel fish, bamboo shoots and raddish with Saikyo Miso Sauce, Manganji red pepper and Japanese citrus
・Sea bream Poiret, white-wine steamed clams and Spring vegetables with Fumet de poisson of Saffron and Onion
・Grilled Seasonal Vegetables with Chef’s special sauce
・Flying Fish roe with vinegared seaweed from Okinawa
・Vegetable salad
※The price of the course depends on the type of main dish you choose.
・Rice & Miso Soup & Pickles
※Add JPY 600(exclude tax and service charge) to upgrade the rice to Garlic rice.
・Nakamura Special Mascarpone & Macha ice cream.

Japanese black wagyu steak

Sirloin steak is a Kobe beef from Kawanishi ranch.
Fillet ・ Chateaubriand prepares Kobe beef or Matsusaka beef according to arrival status.

Kobe beef
Filet steak

  • 80g – ¥23,000

Kobe beef
Chateaubriand steak

  • 80g – ¥24,000

Kobe beef
Sirloin steak

  • 80g – ¥23,000

Black cattle beef from Kagoshima
Filet steak

  • 80g – ¥13,000

Black cattle beef from Kagoshima
Chateaubriand steak

  • 80g – ¥14,000

※Volume of meat may be increased by units of 10g.
※All prices are subject to consumption tax and service chaege.

Kobe beef

Only Tajima cows from Hyogo Prefecture that fulfill all four established conditions can be called Kobe beef.
We use calves from Kawagishi Wagyu Farm, who select them based specially on their fattening, feed, and environment, resulting in beautiful marbling and a certain flavor;that can only be described as delicious.

Course extras

Fresh tiger prawn
From ¥3,800
Fresh lobster
From ¥9,000~
Fresh red abalone
From ¥9,000
Fresh black abalone
From ¥15,000
Fresh ezo abalone
From ¥4,500
Duck foie gras
From ¥2,000
Kawagishi Farm
Kobe beef stew
With foie gras



We have plenty of drink options
to choose from.
We especially recommend enjoying
a glass of wine to get even more out of our cuisine.
Please enjoy pairing our specially
sommelier-selected wines alongside our seasonal dishes.


From ¥1,200
From ¥7,000